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Pan & David is on the little-known island of Ko Sichang — close to Bangkok, but still very Thai. Not much traffic, no McDonalds, no girly bars, but a lot to see. (Take a look at, which says a lot of good things about us because it’s our website.) We’re at Rim Talay Resort, but just about all the samlors know us by name.
Telephone us at +66 38 216 629 or +66 62 324 0622
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Take a Siracha Tour bus from Ekamai (BTS Ekamai) before 17:00, and you should be in time for the last ferry to Ko Sichang at 20:00. Get off the bus at Robinson Siracha (a lot of people will be getting off with you) and take a samlor/tuktuk to Ko Loy for B50 or B60. Tell the driver you want to take the ferry to Ko Sichang. Here’s some Thai:



There’s just one train a day from Hua Lampong Station in Bangkok to Siracha, leaving at 06:55 and arriving 10:13. It’s a bit of a long ride, and a long samlor/tuktuk transfer from the railway station to the ferry pier, but you’ll see some bits of Thailand you otherwise wouldn’t. Check (Thai) schedule here


Here’s a map of a couple of routes from Bangkok to Siracha, where the ferry to Ko Sichang departs from the pier in Ko Loy Public Park:

Click on the little four-cornered frame in the upper right for a full-page version.

Parking at Ko Loy in Siracha is becoming seriously hard on long weekends. Our favorite solution: leave early Friday afternoon, and enjoy a bottle of wine at Pan & David while the crowd is looking for a place to park.

Here is where we are on Ko Sichang: